T Ball

T-Ball is Coach Mike's favorite level of youth baseball.

This is because the game is new to most of these kids and I love to watch them begin to grasp the game.

You will find it difficult to truly teach them the details of the game. It is important at this level that you allow them to have fun. You will have kids looking into the sky, not paying attention and really not having a clue what to do. All of this okay!


You might have a player or two who DOES know the game and will chase the ball wherever it goes on the field. This is okay too. Just try to teach them to let the other kids play and emphasize it is a team game, while NOT squashing this child's enthusiasm. Some have it at this age and others develop it later.

T-Ball kids are very young, so don't expect them to be paying attention on every play. Baseball is a relatively slow game, and many players are not involved in every play. Encourage them to be ready in case the ball is hit to them or maybe a runner is coming towards their base, or a team mate is throwing the ball to them.

Many leagues do not keep score at this level. That is perfectly fine. Your ballplayer has many years ahead of them to keep score, so no need to start now, because it really doesn't matter who wins or loses in T-Ball.

The purpose of T-Ball is to introduce them to baseball, not to make them All-Stars or the top player on the team. The main purpose of T-Ball is to HAVE FUN!

Contact The Coach for some fun and effective T-Ball drills. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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