A Report On Mahabalipuram Tourism Essay


Since times immemorial, Mahabalipuram has been ever been a metropolis whose celebrity has spread far and broad as being a place of faith, larning and an of import port in the ancient universe. Mahabalipuram is located in the Kanchipuram territory of Tamil Nadu and is home to several architectural memorials built between the 7th and the ninth century.


Mahabalipuram was at the tallness of its luster and glorification during the reign of Narasimhavaram and Rajsimhavaram who played an of import function in constructing the many magnificient temples in the metropolis as Mahabalipuram was the 2nd capital of the Pallava male monarchs. Legend has it that Mahabalipuram was created when Lord Vishnu killed the cruel Mahabali after a ferocious conflict. Once known as Mamallapuram, the metropolis was renamed to its present name during the reign of Narasimhavarman 1.

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The Shore Temple: The shore temple at Mahabalipuram is a universe heritage site as classified by UNESCO and is believed to be the lone bing temple amongst the seven shore temples that were originally constructed. Constructed during the seventh century by Narasimha Varman, the temple bears keen designs and carvings and is supposed to be the precursor of Dravidian architecture. Visitors to the temple are greeted by finely carved dwar palaks, who are said to stand in guard of the divinity indoors.

Arjuna ‘s Repentance: This is a stone construction carved to resemble a giant and was built by Raja Narasimha the first. The either sides of this stone are engraved with keen carvings of Supreme beings from the Hindu pantheon, birds, animals and these figures are carved in such a manner that gives an consequence of a haste to see the miracle about to go on.

Krishna Mandapam: This is one of the largest mandapams and is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the wise man and usher of the Pandavas. The interior of this mandapam is decorated with carvings that depict incidents from Lord Krishna ‘s life.

Varaha Mandapam: The Varaha Mandapam lies beside the Arjuna repentance and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu ‘s Varaha embodiment. The northern wall portrays Lord Vishnu standing on one pes atop Naga, the serpent king trying to deliver Prithvi, the Goddess of Earth. The entryway to this mandapam has two pillars engraved with two horned king of beastss that stand guard at the door of the mandapam.

How to Reach

In add-on to being a spiritual Centre, Mahabalipuram is besides a roamers delectation for the unfastened air museum manner sights the metropolis offers. Mahabalipuram is good connected to other metropoliss in India. The Chennai airdrome is located 60 kilometer from Mahabalipuram. The nearest railhead is Chengalpattu, approximately 29 kilometers from Mahabalipuram and the metropolis is besides good connected by route to Chennai, Kanchipuram and Pondicherry.