Ap histoey

A fact is something that can be proven without a reasonable doubt, while an opinion is something that someone believes in their mind is true, but has no evidence that proves it is true. 2. Facts are not important in essays until you Judge them and come up with an informed opinion in order to support your argument. 3. I think that all opinions have the potential to be as good as another, but it is how well you are able to present your opinion and argue for what you believe in.

In The Lively Art of Writing they discuss the fact that opposition is what causes an opinion to be interesting; his opposition strikes an interest in people. 4. Yes this would be an adequate topic for an essay, because the author is well informed on the topic, and therefore has the ability to develop a complex argument. 5. Sewing is suddenly “in” a. B. Driving-Training Programs Cost Too Much . Mob Dick, America’s Greatest Novel d. Most Students Can’t Read The Student Council Is Outmoded e. 6.

Essays are meant to express someone’s opinions, while a term paper is Just an assortment of facts arranged into an essay-like structure. 7. A. This is Just a simply stated fact with no opinion b. This could be categorized as a fact because it is widely accepted c. This is a well known argument with very little opposition d. This is a well known argument with very little opposition e. This topic is setting up the paper to be a list of facts and ideas, with no real invigorating idea present .

The thesis is one concise statement that conveys your opinion; this is the main argument of your essay. 2. The five step process is… 2) 3) 4) 5) Ask Questions Look for Relationships Ask the yes-or-no Question Qualify 3. You put yourself in a position to have to take a clear position on your topic. 4. Qualification of a thesis narrows the topic you discuss in your paper by defining the “degree” to which your argument is true. The 3 elements off full thesis are… A. Thesis b. Points that can be made against your thesis c.

Points in favor of your thesis 2. The full thesis sentence and and the physiology of an argument is the same in that they both involve the same three elements. They also both have the same purpose, to persuade. 3. The full thesis should be kept in view to ensure that the writer does not lose track of what the main topic of their essay is. It serves as a constant reminder. 4. The thesis is meant to act as a guide. You should make sure that all your arguments align with your thesis, but you are not strictly limited to the main points you make in the thesis