Athletes are often forced

Opposing viewpoint:Gretchen Sheckler, who has bachelor’s degree in finance, Reason: I believe that young professional athletes should equip oneself with good education to be more secure in future after retirement from sports. No, it does not differ from our initial personal viewpoint because I believe that education plays and important role in everyone’s future. . Write a few paragraphs in support of the viewpoint that you do not favour. According to text read,many parents ofyoung professional athletes are not worried about their children missing education. There are many reasons why young professional athletes should place importance in education as well as their career. Those athletes with a good academic background or foundation highly are destined to be successful in obtaining a good career after an early retirement from the world of sports.

Sport careers are typically shorter than most other careers or occupations, as most athletes retire, voluntarily or nvoluntarily, during their mid to late twenties. Athletes are often forced to contend with the early age of career termination, the need to find another career to pursue, and the diverse ways in which they choose to or are forced to leave their sport. Many are lost when the reality of the real life sinks in and find it hard to cope. Education can often be overlooked by professional athletes, once they have made it to their desired sports league.

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This is a major concern because many professional athletes have no funds or career options to fall back on. Without a college degree, higher education, or in some nstances even a high school diploma; there are limited options to explore in the world outside of athletic. An athlete with a good academic background will be able to adapt to a career transition easily. They are well equipped with good social skills and self- esteem which mainly comes from real world experience.

These makes the scope of jobs wider and not only confined to the world of sports but to all walks of life. No doubt that an athlete who has a good education is able to maintain a good balance in their life by pursuing other career which might not be related to the world of sports. CHAPTER PG 348) 1 . What is the topic of the passage? GPS a new technology tracking device With many benefits. 2. What is the central message of the passage? GPS tracking device and its multifunctional uses. 3. Determine what is at issue. What is your initial personal viewpoint?

Issue: Invasion Of privacy. Personal viewpoint: Usage of GPS causes invasion of privacy whereby all our personal information location are no more private because these information’s are available to public. each. Opposing viewpoint:lt benefits certain party such as law enforcement and parents. Rationale: Parents: To monitor their children’s movements and activities. Law enforcement:Easierto track down suspects and to solve crimes. Opposing viewpoint:Many companies both large and small use GPS tracking devices to monitor the location of their vehicles.

Rationale: It enables the companies more information to keep track about the drivers schedule on the road. Opposing viewpoint:lt benefits certain party such as law enforcement and parents. Rationale: Parents: To monitor their children’s movements and activities. Law enforcement:Easier to track down suspects and to solve Yes, it differs from our initial personal viewpoint because GPS tracking devices has negative implications too. GPS made navigation extremely easier. However, navigation remains an art because the proper use of a map and compass remains essential even with a GPS unit.

On the negative side, illegal and criminal activities entered the high-tech age. GPS tracking devices is used to track locations but in other hand anyone can also obtain personal details such as bank account information which can lead to fraud. According to the text read, GPS tracking devices are beneficial to law nforcements, teens and parents and big or small companies. GPS tracking devices made navigation extremely easier butit has negative implications too. GPS enables data theft easier by using spywuare on the internet to obtain one’s information on credit cards and bank accounts.

This information’s can be used easily to do transactions illegally. People are very dependent on this device and neglecting the proper use of a map and compass which are essential too. Besides that, terrorists can disrupt the GPS as well, as they can use it to conduct an operation such as crashing airplanes into skyscrapers. CHAPTER 6(PG309) 1. Read and think critically about the following short story written by Kate Chopin: The Storm: A Sequel to “Cadian Ball. ” 2. Summarize the passage into ONE paragraph. The Storm” by Kate Chopin is a short story about infideli¶/ and sexual desires. The story starts off with a young boy Bibi and his father, Bobinot shopping at a store. While shopping they notice clouds high in the sky and a storm is brewing on the horizon. Bibi is worried that his mother, Calixta who is at home alone, will be scared of the storm. Bobinot tells his son that his other will be fine and not to worry about her. They shopped and waited at the store for the storm to pass. Meanwhile at home Calixta starts to shut the doors and windows when she sees that the sky is dark.

As Calixta runs out to take the clothes which are hung out, she saw her ex-lover Alcee who is looking for shelter from the storm and she invites him in. Calixta tells Alcee that she worries about her husband and son who are out to shop at a store and they are not back home yet. She is at the window looking at storm and starts to cry. Alcee hugs her to calm her down. Claxita pulls away but her ex- over pulls her closer and this had made his infatuation with her returns. Alcee kisses Claxita and it brought them to memories of their past romance so they ended up giving into their sexual desires.

They spend time together happily and Alcee left after the storm ends. Then as Calixta is preparing supper, Bibi and Bibinot are back home. She is happy that they are fine. Then they sit down together to eat dinner. Alcee who is married to Clarisse and they have children. Later that night, he writes to his wife asking her to stay longer in Biloxi with their children if she wishes. Clarisse is excited and willing to stay as they are separated due to constraints in their marriage. The storm passed and everyone was happy.

This is a story based on couples who are married and their unconcerned attitude toward infidelity in a marriage. The writer has raised issues on love and sex in marriage and being unfaithful to one’s spouse. 3. use inference skills to determine why the author titled the story, “The Storm. ” a) Chopin expresses the idea that adultery is not a harmful act but instead it is an act that can serve as a change of pace for an individual who is eeling dreariness in their life due to the monotony of marriage. ) “Storm” could be one of the ultimate meanings that the author wanted to use in order to express adultery and strong sexuality in a marriage. c) Kate Chopin expresses that freedom and happiness through intimacy are more mysterious. She states in order to be happy and satisfied in one’s own marriage, the breaking of redundancy of a normal marriage life is not wrong. 1 . Read and think critically about the following short story written by Kate “The Storm” by Kate Chopin is a short story about infidelity and sexual