Divorced, beheaded, survived

Divorced, beheaded, survived One day we all have to die that is our fate and how we humans are created. It is difficult to comprehend and for many people It Is something that they don’t want to think about. Even though death is inevitable It Is a terrible and hard experience especially for the ones who are left behind and when death arrives earner than expected It Is unbearable. But life has to go on. The short story “Divorced, beheaded, survived” from 2010 by the author Robin Black deals with the questions of how you survive when a relative dies and if it is possible to move pass it and move on with our life.

Sarah is the narrator of the short story, she is a wife and a mother of two. As a young girl she lost her only brother Terry to illness. Even though her brother died after being sick for a long time she didn’t expect it at all. After her brother’s death her life changed completely. She had experienced a loss of someone she loved which off course was heart breaking for her and her family at the same time she lost a lot of friends because they TLD know how to deal with the death of Terry. “As soon as we learned Terry was sick, my house stopped being the dally gathering place.

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Everyone but me seemed to know what was coming. And one by one the other children began avoiding us. ” (p. 4 II. 102-105) They don’t know how to handle the situation, as friends they are hurt and Sarah maybe did remind them of Terry and what they had lost. This is one of the memories that comes to Sarah’s mind when her own son loses his best friend Peter. He Is going through what not only she but also her friends went through many years earlier. “And I don’t think Mark’s spoken very much to any of his friends since then. Not about Peter. He goes off to school, and comes right home.

Heads straight for his room and closes the door. ” (p. 5 II. 148-150). It is hard for Sarah to know how terrible Mark feels. She knows how much Terry’s death affected not only her childhood, where her friends turned their back on her and her brother suddenly wasn’t there anymore, but also how much It affected her adult life and she doesn’t want Mark to go through the same. Throughout her life Sarah has become a slightly bit superstitious. “Mark and Coco are four years apart – we had been two apart, Terry and l. And maybe it was superstition that made me wait that extra trench of time before getting pregnant again.

But I put our second child off, and so my boy and girl were always just a little different from the pair we used to be. ” (p. 3 II. 60-64) The loss of her brother has been so devastating for her and she doesn’t want her kids to go through the same as she did so she is doing little things she thinks that will help prevent a similar thing from happening. But unfortunately it isn’t enough and Mark must like she did learn to deal with the loss off loved one. The short story has an Interesting structure which Jumps back and forth between the Tory of how Sarah lost Terry and how Mark lost Peter.

Both stones are told from Sarah’s point of view In one big flash back. The flash back Is divided Into to different time periods. One is present time a few days earlier while the other is in Sarah’s acted out the death of Henry the that’s wives’ deaths. And later on Jumps to the time where the family learn that Peter is dead. The different sequences from Sarah’s life are both centered on death. When Mark loses his best friend in a car accident it triggers Sarah’s remembrance of her brother’s death. Which explain why the Truckee Jumps back and forth.

It is quite interesting writing technique, where the stories are told simultaneously, which gives the reader a greater understanding of all the things Sarah has gone through and how terrible death is but also that time is a great healer. “The truth is that sometimes more than a day go by before I remember to think of my brother. It’s only natural, Vie told myself, time and time again. It’s human nature, Vie thought – as though there’s consolation to be found in that. And maybe there is. Maybe it’s a gift to be able to let go of the remembering. Some times. Some things. ” (up. 5-6 II. 53-156) Sarah has been able to let go of some of her pain and she hope her son will be able to that too at some point. As mentioned the first thing we hear about is how Sarah, her brother and some of their friends act out a play about Henry the 8th. The role that everyone wants to play is the role as Anne Bobble, one of Henrys many wives. Terry is unbelievable good in that role. “My older brother Terry was undoubtedly the most convincing (… ) It was almost worth giving up the role yourself to watch Terry give it his all, and it might eave been, if it weren’t for the execution scene. ” (p. II. 6-14) This is an omen to what will happen later on. Terry is the best one of the group to play the role that is doomed and therefore it almost ironic but also unavoidable that he is going to die. The title of the short story “Divorced, beheaded, survived” also is a kind of omen to what will happen in the future. It is a part of the saying there is about Henry the that’s wives, which is “Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. ” Robin Black could have chosen to call the story “Divorced, beheaded, died” and in that way have old the reader that the Short story was about death.

But by replacing died with survived she states that the short story isn’t Just about death but about surviving it. And in that way it is an omen to what will happen to Mark, he will survive this hard experience Just like his mother did. The short story leaves you sad because it really paints a picture of how it feels to lose someone, but at the same time it leaves the reader with some kind of hope. It makes it clear that loosing a loved once is difficult and heart-breaking in every aspects but also that it is possible to keep living your life.