Economic Development Essay Research Paper If we

Economic Development Essay, Research Paper

If we look at the universe as if for the really first clip through the eyes of an economic expert, we will be able to to the full understand and appreciate the stairss that each and every state must take in order to go to the full adult. There are five chief phases of development these phases, though inevitable harmonizing to Karl Marx indirectly generate many jobs that may render a state economically unstable. However, despite the troubles that our state ( Belize ) may confront, it is of import that we face up to our jobs and transport on.

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In order for us to understand the phases of a underdeveloped state, we must foremost larn what economic growing is. It is the steady procedure of increasing productive capacity of the economic system and hence increasing National Income. There are five phases in which a society evolves: the traditional society where end product per caput is low and agricultural work is outstanding ; the Prerequisite phase to take off in which the traditional system is over semen and the foundation is set for scientific discipline and engineering ; the Take off phase where all opposition to alter are over semen ; the Drive to adulthood in which new industries are developed and net exports become positive ; and eventually the Mature phase in which there is a high ingestion and production rate nowadays. All states, in the universe, including Belize is at some point in this full procedure ; nevertheless, in clip with good leading and difficult work, we will finally continue up the economic ladder. AS for the relentless jobs that we face at every bend we make, we must take them one at a clip and research their solutions.

A major concern of economic experts today is whether or non we are able to take advantage of our trade capablenesss. The determiners of trade is a really convincing factor that serves to endanger economic growing as it is merely when a state is able to increase its exports and diminish its imports at the same time that it will be able to see its manner. Thus menaces of devaluation, and failures to prolong quotas are damaging to a underdeveloped state. Belize in peculiar is in a similar state of affairs as it excessively imports more than it exports ; nevertheless, it is this creaky visual aspect that has allowed us to bespeak contributions and loans from abroad.

A 2nd job that may impede economic growing is the rapid enlargement of a population, which is normally accompanied by a high unemployment rate. Should a population addition excessively rapidly, it may do many long-run societal, economic, and political jobs. One might non recognize it but the unemployment rate really dictates the growing rate of an economic system, as the labour force is the most of import factor of production. The alteration from unemployment to full employment however includes an addition in the labour force, stairss towards technological betterments and the care of an efficient managerial construction. In the yesteryear, high unemployment rates have propagated such incidents as the Great Depression of the 1930 s and had continued to prolong a ageless rising prices that had continued throughout the 1950 s. In Belize we lucky to be placed in a state of affairs whereby our big land country is matched with a really little population. It is for this ground that we must do usage of what we have land. This means that we should seek to heighten our touristry industry as be

st as possible and in an effort to make this we must perpetuate the natural beauty of the land. The problem here evinces whenever the Belizean Government decides to prosecute to many policies at one clip as in the instance of advancing the creative activity of industries which indirectly serve to destruct big countries of tourer attractive forces.

Another destructive factor, though self-generated, is the happening of natural catastrophes that are capable of puting an economic system of a state back every bit much as 10 old ages as in the incidents affecting both hurricane Haiti and Keith events in which big countries of fertile land were destroyed. These calamites are considered as being really destructive as they affect all the factors of production land, labour, and capital. In Belize, we have late suffered from the wrath of hurricane Mitch and are still experiencing its long-run effects on our agribusiness and touristry industries. As a consequence of the hurricane, our beautiful island of San Pedro has been devastated and we have witnessed an intense declining off of visitants. As for our agribusiness industry, many of the plantations have been flooded and there is no stating every bit to when these secret plans of land will be ready for replanting.

The lifting cost of energy in the universe is besides another job confronting most states throughout the old ages. In Belize for illustration, the monetary value of gas has doubled in less than a decennary and the authorities being as sick considerate as possible has non yet decided or even considered the issue of diminishing the 100 per centum responsibility revenue enhancement paid on imported oils.

Our heavy trust on the touristry industry has besides been puting our state at high hazards as the ageless vissicitude of our West Indain clime is unpredictable ; therefore our touristry industry is apt to be destroyed at some point of clip. What is even more destructive to our society is the fact that our population is really little about 250,000 & # 8211 ; and within this mall population is the pervasiveness of encephalon drain activities. It is the high chance cost of predating a occupation in the United States that has persuaded many of our Belizean pupils to stay in the U.S after finishing their surveies. Nevertheless, I do non fault these persons as our society is concentrated wholly on the elect population and persons below them are left without a occupation and an chance to entree loans and get down a new concern merely because of their economic and political state of affairss.

However, despite the presence of these factors, the 1st World Countries have created certain organisations and Bankss in an effort to ease the easy passage for developing states such as Belize. Their attempts in bridging the spread between those with the rich persons and those with the rich persons non can bee seen in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in 1979, the Gatt Agreement, Caricom, World Bank, and the United Nations. For Belize to develop economically, we must guarantee that the policies we propagate are in an effort to release poorness, increase our population and to ease our entryway in the universe of engineering. Thus our chase towards economic growing is in our range. This is to state that we must admit the fact that there are jobs to be dealt with in the universe today, and that there will ever be jobs ; nevertheless, we must cover with them every bit best as possible.