Road Rage The Scourge Of America Essay

Road Fury: The Scourge Of America & # 8217 ; S Roadways Essay, Research Paper

Subject: Road Rage

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General Purpose: To convert

Specific Purpose: To convert the audience to battle & # 8220 ; route fury & # 8221 ; by increasing driver consciousness

Thesis Statement: & # 8220 ; Road fury & # 8221 ; caused by aggressive drive inclinations is a turning epidemic impacting today & # 8217 ; s roadways, but there is a solution.

Ethos: Include myself in my statements.

Pathos: Audience should experience horrified at the effects of route fury.

Sons: Cite statistics and research resources.


I. How many of you have of all time been in a motor vehicle? Did you know that & # 8220 ; motor vehicle clangs are the taking cause of decease among Americans 1-37 old ages old. & # 8221 ; With the largest % being our age group. ( Insurance Institute for Highway Safety )

II. Many traffic accidents could hold been easy prevented if non for the angry threat called route fury. Road fury caused by aggressive drive inclinations is a turning epidemic impacting today & # 8217 ; s roadways, but there is a solution.

Passage 1: As you can see route fury is a serious job that could potentially impact us all. But many of us have different thoughts of the range of route fury.


I. You can break combat & # 8220 ; route fury & # 8221 ; by understanding what it is & # 8230 ;

A. Road fury or aggressive drive is defined as behaviour behind the wheel in which ferocious drivers lose their pique and engage in risk-taking behaviour or effort to injure or kill another driver or prosaic over minor traffic differences.

( Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hawaii, farther defines route fury by interrupting it down into three types )

1. Verbal Road Rage is composed of behaviours such as shouting, curse, gesturing, honking, and insulting.

2. Quiet Road Rage includes complaining, hotfooting, viing, and resisting.

3. Epic Road Rage includes cutting off, barricading, trailing, contending, and shot.

B. You all are believing that we & # 8217 ; ve all done some of those things, but no one truly gets hurt. You can be certain that & # 8217 ; s precisely what Tracie Alfieri and Narkey Terry besides thought.

1. Harmonizing to a June 2, Newsweek article, Tracie Alfieri became enraged by the mode in which Rene Andrews pulled into her lane. Alfieri tried to go through Andrews on the right so cut in forepart and hit the brakes doing Andrews to sheer into a stopped tractor ensuing in the loss of Andrews & # 8217 ; 6 month old unborn kid. Tracie Alfieri was convicted this May of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to 18 months in prison. ( Newsweek )

2. In the most normally cited incident of route fury, which ended in three deceases: Narkey Terry and Billy Canipe became involved in a game of cat and mouse because Canipe was traveling excessively easy in the left lane. The chase continued at 80 miles per hour for 7 stat mis in forenoon haste hr Washington DC traffic until Terry collided with Canipe directing winging metal everyplace. Canipe spun out of control into oncoming traffic killing an nearing George Smythe ; Canipe was besides killed. The rear axle of Canipe & # 8217 ; s auto flew over the average strip and hit the windscreen of Nancy McBrien, killing her immediately. Narkey Terry who had two anterior rushing strong beliefs was convicted of two counts of nonvoluntary manslaughter and given 10 1/2 old ages in prison, which is beyond the Federal guidelines. ( Reader & # 8217 ; s Digest )

Passage 2: Even with these dismaying illustrations of main road catastrophe, many of you still feel removed from the of all time turning epidemic of route fury.

II. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says there is no 1 P

rofile of an aggressive driver. Many have histories of force, condemnable records or have late suffered emotional reverses. The turning Numberss of incidents on our roadways are being attributed to people like us, successful work forces and adult females with no anterior jobs.

A. A few Statisticss on how highway related deceases and aggressive drive are linked.

1. U.S. News studies that the figure of aggressive drive incidents have risen by 51 % since 1990. ( U.S. News )

2. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey shows that the figure of main road deceases has increased 7 % in the last 4 old ages and that 2/3 of these were caused by aggressive drive behaviour. ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration )

3. But & # 8220 ; in a national study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 3/4 of 543 drivers questioned thought their drive accomplishments were above average. & # 8221 ; ( U.S. News )

B. Aggressive driving affects us all.

1. & # 8220 ; A recent survey conducted by the AAA Foundation found that about 90 % of us have experienced an aggressive drive incident in the past 12 months. & # 8221 ; ( The Subcommittee on Surface Transportation )

2. Are you a safe driver or a clang waiting to go on? Please take a minute to read this Driver Self-Evaluation from the Citizens Against Speeding and Aggressive Driving. You might be surprised at what you & # 8217 ; ll happen.

Passage 3: Whether you are the attacker or the victim, route fury doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have to go on to be a turning epidemic.

III. There are many ways that you can assist battle & # 8220 ; route fury & # 8221 ; .

A. One manner that you can do a difference is by practising safer drive behaviours.

1. Don & # 8217 ; t go portion of the job. & # 8220 ; The best manner to get by with aggressive drivers is non to be one. & # 8221 ; ( U.S. News )

a. Practice basic traffic courtesy by non prosecuting in hazard pickings behaviours, such as doing obscene gestures, altering lanes without signaling, and the most hazardous tailgating.

B. Reduce your emphasis degree. Increased emphasis leads to increased ill will on the route. Listen to comforting music and allow plentifulness of clip for your trip. ( AAA Foundation )

2. Adopt positive attitudes. Cars are non bullet cogent evidence, an aggressive driver will follow you place, and you & # 8217 ; ve got to acquire out of the auto finally.

a. Assume other driver & # 8217 ; s errors are non personal.

B. Be polite and gracious even if the other driver International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t. & # 8220 ; Politeness rapidly diffuses the intensifying forces of route fury, & # 8221 ; as Kathleen Kelleher says in her September Los Angeles article.

c. Remind yourself that acquiring angry International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t worth it. Would you desire to lose your life over a parking infinite?

B. Citizens Against Speeding and Aggressive Driving ( CASAD ) is non-profit grassroots organisation dedicated to doing our roads safer by extinguishing hurrying and aggressive drive.

1. They rely on ordinary people like you and I with no ability to do alteration separately, but working together as a group to work out the turning epidemic of route fury.

2. You can assist in their mission, by assisting to get down commissions in your metropolis, by doing a contribution, or by conveying traffic safety information to your neighbours.

Passage 4: Road fury is an epidemic whose remedy is a alteration of attitude by everyone.


Please utilize this information on your trip place this eventide and thank you for assisting to do our roadways safer for all of us. Remember as Dr. Ricardo Martinez, Administrator of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration said & # 8216 ; driving is a concerted venture, non a competitory sport. & # 8221 ;