Senior Sim Essay Research Paper Before start

Senior Sim Essay, Research Paper

Before start playing the game and edifice up my corporation I have developed a strategic program and I have set specific and come-at-able ends. My mark was the maximization of net incomes in the long tally and at the same clip the satisfaction of client demands. My mark groups would be the full market, including all the market clients even of different age, genre, sex, position, income, penchants because I am traveling to sell merchandises which are consumed every twenty-four hours. After specifying the name, the ends and the mission statement of my corporation, my first move was to happen a good location for constructing up my section shops. Therefore I chose a metropolis with a maximal figure of possible clients ( big population ) , with low or no competition, every bit good as with a close way to the ports so as to hold minimum transit costs.

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Therefore, before I started puting up the edifices I had to do a market research in order to happen the profitableness and the fight of the mark market and consequently make a concern scheme. Therefore, it was of import to happen a mark market with low or no competition and with many possible clients as I stated earlier. So, after making the market research I decided that the best market to come in was that in London, foremost, because it was big plenty, and 2nd because no competition existed at that place at that clip, intending many possible clients. Then, I had to make up one’s mind where precisely to turn up my section shop in London. A shop in the bosom of business district promenades implied a big figure of clients but at the same clip, really high

land and edifice up costs. I wanted to be an aggressive man of affairs so I decided to construct my shop in the bosom of the town despite the high costs. I wanted to be the first corporation who would perforate the market of London and I wanted to be successful and construct a strong base.

My following measure after constructing my first section shop was to hold my port in order to convey the merchandises to my shop, and to put up the functional units in order for my shop to run. These included a buying unit linked with a gross revenues and an advertisement unit. The buying unit was responsible for purchasing the merchandises from the providers and conveying them to the section shop. Associating the buying with the gross revenues unit enabled the merchandises to travel forth to the gross revenues unit for sale. Additionally, the gross revenues and the buying units were linked with an advertisement unit. The advertisement unit was an indispensable portion of my concern scheme. These is, because the advertisement unit was responsible for doing the merchandises known to the possible clients, and hence maximize gross revenues every bit good as create trade name consciousness and trade name trueness. Brand trueness was really of import and could be increased merely by advertisement over clip.

After puting up the functional units, I had to make up one’s mind on which

merchandise I would buy and sell. At that point, my scheme was to construct a mill to

purchase natural stuffs and to do them merchandises in order to sell them through my section shop. Therefore, I decided to do and sell Milk, Tv Dinner, Strawberry, and apple Crisp. When the section shop started ope

evaluation, as a director I had to be after and move even more carefully than earlier. As my new house entered into the market I had to offer my merchandises in lower monetary values sing of class the short tally cost, in order to “push” the demand for these merchandises up and increase gross revenues every bit good as net incomes and trade name name in the long tally. By clip, and as the demand and trade name were increasing I started to increase the monetary values severally. I had to publicize my merchandises to a great extent because they were new and I was taking for trade name consciousness.

Besides, I was looking upon the fluctuations ( if any ) of the market demand, upon current and new rivals and their schemes every bit good as for new markets and even new merchandises and providers if they could offer better monetary values and/or better quality.

When the supply of the merchandises exceeded the demand the profitableness of the merchandises wasn & # 8217 ; t yet to the full exploited. Therefore, there was more capacity to run into demand and generate gross hence I had to take down the monetary values. On the other manus, if the demand exceeded the supply, the house could non provide adequate goods to run into the clients & # 8217 ; demands. In this state of affairs, I would increase the supply of merchandise every bit shortly as possible to increase gross revenues.

Additionally, if the rivals were offering the same merchandises with me and in lower monetary values I was cut downing my monetary values in order to pull more possible clients and remain in the competition. If I loose my clients so it will be hard to catch them once more so I had to be really careful. My scheme was based on buying high quality merchandises so that I did non hold to better their quality. If my merchandises were non so high quality I would hold to construct an R & A ; D, which could better the quality, but it would be excessively much and the consequence would be a loss in the long tally. When the hard currency and the one-year net income were lifting quickly, I decided that it was clip to spread out in another metropolis. By following once more the same positions as before and after carry oning a market research, I decided that Sheffield was the best topographic point to construct a new section shop. Once more, I followed the same processs in choosing the location

every bit good as in puting up the functional units and pull offing the purchase-sales and advertisement squads. In Sheffield I sell Chocolate Milk, Peanut Butter, Frozen Beef, and Lettuce.

In add-on to these schemes, when puting, I was besides maintaining an oculus on the stock market. Net incomes could besides be gained at that place, particularly when purchasing another corporation & # 8217 ; s stocks, because purchasing a big interest in challenger was likely a preliminary to a coup d’etat. This could profit me non merely from the lifting stock monetary value as the coup d’etat would travel along, but besides when it would finish and the two merge, I would have stock in the parent. My rule ever was that a frequent self-performance

analysis would be indispensable for obtaining a profitable corporation. This implied looking upon the profitableness, gross revenues, stockholder value, client satisfaction, merchandise quality, trade name associations, comparative cost, employee attitude and public presentation and portfolio analysis. Depending on the consequences of the analysis I was be aftering my new schemes and of class spread outing my section shops to other metropoliss.