Sex Education Does It Really Work Essay

Sexual activity Education: Does It Really Work? Essay, Research Paper

Sexual activity Education: Does it Really Work?

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Roy Peters

& # 8220 ; Forty per centum of today & # 8217 ; s 14 twelvemonth old miss will go pregnant

by the clip they are 19 & # 8221 ; ( qtd. in & # 8220 ; The Effects & # 8221 ; 632 ) . This statistic may

indicate that the sex instruction plans in the United States are non

commanding the effects of sex by teens. & # 8220 ; The United States has the highest

adolescent gestation rate of developed states & # 8221 ; ( & # 8221 ; The Effects & # 8221 ; 632 ) . I believe

that the people of this state demand to look at the current sex instruction

plans and see if they are decently turn toing the jobs that sex instruction

was intended to halt. The three major grounds why sex instruction is taught in

our schools are: 1 ) to deter teens from holding sex at younger and younger

ages ; 2 ) to halt the spread of AIDS and other STDs ; and 3 ) to forestall teenage

gestation. I believe that the sex instruction plans being used today are non

effectual at commanding these three jobs. Today & # 8217 ; s sex instruction plans

are abstention based. & # 8220 ; Washington has spent some $ 31.7 million development

abstention merely curricula & # 8221 ; ( Shapiro 56 ) . By looking at the jobs sex

instruction attempts to work out, we can better the sex instruction plans by seting

the jobs in order of importance. This will turn out that teens holding sex at a

younger age is the ground for the failure of sex instruction in this state. To

counteract this job abstention should be taught to kids under the age of

16. Then when the kids reach the age of 16 they need to be taught AIDS and

rubber instruction.

AIDS and other STDs are an of import ground we have sex instruction. Help

instruction is supported in all 50 provinces: & # 8220 ; Sex instruction is merely officially

required or recommended in 47 provinces & # 8221 ; ( Gibbs 61 ) . This shows that AIDS

instruction is considered more of import than sex instruction. AIDS can be spread

by the transportation of bodily fluids such as blood or seeds from an septic individual

to one who is non. This includes sexual activity, endovenous drug usage, and

blood transfusions. Many people are still undertaking AIDS through sexual

contact even though there has been a countrywide consciousness plan. It is a fact

that & # 8220 ; 2.5 million adolescents are affected by sexually transmitted diseases each

twelvemonth & # 8221 ; ( & # 8221 ; The Effects & # 8221 ; 632 ) . This statistic does non take into history AIDS instances.

That is a big figure of teens that are losing the message about safe sex and

abstention. This shows how ill our current system of sex instruction is

working. Because if it was effectual, these Numberss would be much lower than

what they are. Condoms can forestall the spread of AIDS sexually, but the usage of

rubbers requires a alteration in one & # 8217 ; s sexual wonts. & # 8220 ; Once forms of sexual

intercourse and preventive usage are established, they may be hard to

alteration & # 8221 ; ( qtd. in Whitehead 69 ) . & # 8220 ; One study shows that among sexually active 15

twelvemonth olds, merely 26 per centum of male childs and 48 per centum of misss had sex instruction by

the clip they had first intercourse & # 8221 ; ( Shapiro 58 ) . This is one ground that

AIDS instruction has non been wholly successful. It relies on sex instruction to

emphasis rubber usage, but many immature teens are organizing their forms of

prophylactic usage or nonuse before they are educated adequate to do the right


Another major job sex instruction attempts to work out is adolescent gestation.

& # 8220 ; American teenage females experience about one million unplanned gestations

each twelvemonth & # 8221 ; ( & # 8221 ; The Effects & # 8221 ; 632 ) . & # 8220 ; About 37 per centum of teenage

gestations end in abortion and about 14 per centum in abortion & # 8221 ;

( Whitehead 73 ) . The societal effects of teens holding kids are great. If

a teenage female parent does non complete high school or go married there is a

79 per centum opportunity that the female parent and the kid will be hapless

( Whitehead 73 ) . Adolescent misss have greater control over their birthrate today

than they had in the yesteryear, and yet the per centum of births to unwed female parents

continues to lift ( Whitehead 73 ) . This shows that sex instruction has failed to

decelerate the rate of adolescent gestation.

Teenss in this state are holding sex at a younger and younger age. & # 8220 ; In

1970, five per centum of 15 twelvemonth old misss and 32 per centum of 17 twelvemonth

old misss reported holding had sex ; by 1988 the figures had increased to twenty-

six per centum of 15 twelvemonth old misss and 51 per centum of 17 twelvemonth

olds & # 8221 ; ( Whitehead 72 ) . Another study by the Centers for Disease Control besides

came up with similar Numberss. They reported 40 % of 15 twelvemonth olds reported holding

sex in 1993 ; but in 1970 merely 10 % of 15 twelvemonth olds reported holding sex ( Shapiro

57 ) . This shows how dramatic the addition of immature sexually active adolescent misss

is. This may non look like a job at first glimpse, but when you look at the

fortunes environing immature misss holding sex the job becomes clear.

& # 8220 ; The younger a miss is when she begins to hold sex, the more vulnerable she is

to its hazards. She is less likely than an older adolescent to be in a steady

relationship, to be after her first intercourse, or to utilize contraceptive method & # 8221 ; ( Whitehead

74. )

As a consequence, misss who had their first intercourse at age 15 or

younger are about twice every bit likely as 18 twelvemonth olds to go pregnant

within the first six months of sexual activity ( Whitehead 74 ) . Some research workers

believe that adolescent misss are at greater hazard for STDs than adult adult females because

their cervical liner is non yet to the full mature and is hence more vulnerable

to pathogens ( Whitehead 73 ) . These facts indicate that immature teens prosecuting in

sex are non protecting themselves decently. This proves that teens holding sex

at a younger age are more vulnerable to AIDS and gestation.

Sum uping, I feel that sex instruction does non efficaciously protect

teens from the effects of holding sex. I besides feel that because teens are

holding sex at a younger age than of all time before, they are outrunning the sex

instruction plans. These plans were non designed for teens that are holding

sex at the age of 12. This causes sex instruction to neglect because many teens

are holding sex before they are having sex instruction in the high schools.

Besides, many of the sex instruction plans are abstinence based, and teens are

holding sex. Without proper cognition of how to utilize a rubber, many teens are

left unprotected from diseases and gestation. To work out these jobs a figure

of alterations in the sex instruction system need to be made. Sex instruction demands to

be taught in schools at a younger age. Sexual activity instruction besides should learn teens

how to utilize a rubber and Teach AIDS instruction.

First, sex instruction needs to be taught in schools. Many parents do non

cognize the facts about AIDS or diseases. Having parents learning their kids

sex instruction at place is merely traveling to set strain on

the parents, and it will

go forth some teens uneducated about sex. Many parents would take non to learn

their kids about sex instruction, because they feel uncomfortable speaking to

their kids about sex. Public sentiment agrees that sex instruction should be

taught in schools. & # 8220 ; Nine in 10 Americans agree: Schools should learn childs about

sex & # 8221 ; ( Shapiro 56 ) . What Americans disagree on is what signifier of instruction should

be taught in schools. I believe that parents should be offered the chance

to come to the sex instruction category & # 8217 ; s with their kids, so they can larn what

information their kid is having. That manner the schools could move as a

get downing point for the parents and kid to speak about sex comfortably in their

place. It would besides work out the job of parents who disagree about what should

be taught.

I believe that their should be two different degrees of sex instruction for

kids of different age groups. Children under the age of 16 should merely be

taught abstention. This would decelerate the tendency of 13, 14, 15 twelvemonth olds holding sex.

It would besides diminish the Numberss of adolescent gestation because these misss are

the most likely to go pregnant. Adolescent misss of this age group are besides more

probably to acquire a sexually familial disease, because they are more likely to

hold sex with older more experient adolescents. In a study 75 % of adult females had

foremost intercourse with a spouse older than themselves, and 51 % of these

spouses were already sexually experienced ( Sex Education 900 ) . Teaching

abstention to these immature teens would promote them to state no. I besides think

that teens over the age of 16 should be taught rubber and AIDS instruction. This

would let older teens that engage in sex the protection they need. It would

lessening the menace of AIDS and gestation. The key to the age separation is

that at some clip finally about everyone has sex. By non learning teens in

school about AIDS and birth control they would non hold received much of the

information they need to cognize about the hazards of sex and how to protect yourself.

First abstention preparation demands to be taught in school at the age of 10.

This is a immature plenty age that all the kids should be in the plan before

they make and uneducated determination about sex. The kids should be taught some

type of abstention preparation every twelvemonth at least and one time a semester would be

better. The categories would hold to be 30-40 proceedingss long 5 yearss a hebdomad for about

2-4 hebdomads. That would be adequate clip to do the plans effectual. These

categories should learn the immature teens how to state no to an over aggressive spouse,

what the hazards of holding sex are, and how healthy relationships work. This

would supply the immature teens a manner to analyze their relationships and determine

the quality of them before they have sex. One male child told Sheehan this, & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds like

to hear more narratives & # 8230 ; .how they met & # 8230 ; .how they kept the love alive & # 8221 ; ( Sheehan

11 ) . This proves that many teens want to larn about relationships. They want

to larn about what makes a good relationship and how to keep it and this is

the perfect age to get down learning these accomplishments to the immature teens.

The 2nd portion of sex instruction should include AIDS and rubber

instruction. This plan would be taught at the age of 16 and up. I think these

categories should besides be taught one time a twelvemonth because at the high school degree it

is harder to happen clip for sex instruction categories. This plan should be 4

hebdomads long and 45 proceedingss a twenty-four hours. It should be taught really interactively non as

a talk. There should be a batch of clip devoted for treatment of the issues

covered each twenty-four hours and for inquiries. There should besides be a private councilor

available to the pupils that need it. The AIDS instruction part of the category

would discourse how AIDS is spread. It should besides discourse the effects AIDS has

on your organic structure when you contract the disease and Teach people to be sensitive to

people who have AIDS. Along with AIDS instruction rubber instruction must be taught.

Condoms usage is the lone manner that AIDS can be prevented sexually besides

abstention. Without good rubber instruction AIDS will distribute out of control by

sexual intercourse. The condom instruction plan should emphasize that rubbers are

the best prophylactic devise for most teens sexual forms. Condoms prevent

the spread of disease, and they besides prevent gestation. Condoms instruction

should besides emphasize that rubbers are non 100 % effectual. & # 8220 ; Changes in temperature,

unsmooth handling or age can do the latex to weaken or go gluey, it is

of import to hive away rubbers decently and manage them with attention & # 8221 ; ( qtd. in

Whetstone 98 ) . The plan should learn teens the proper manner to utilize a rubber

and the proper manner to hive away them. This would diminish adolescent gestation and

sexually familial diseases excessively. I besides think that the relationship facet

that would be taught to the earlier age group should besides be taught to this age

group. The teens at this age would already hold a good thought of what they would

like in a relationship and the plan could travel more in deepness that manner. This

measure of the sex instruction procedure would truly concentrate on acquiring teens ready to

manage a sexual relationship in their grownup lives. This plan would non merely

include rubber and AIDS instruction but it would include life accomplishments.

In decision I feel that sex instruction should be taught in schools at

the age of 10. Some teens are holding sex at age 12 or younger so sex instruction

demands to be taught at a really early age. Sex instruction should include abstention

preparation for teens under the age of 16 and rubber and AIDS instruction for teens

over the age of 16. The abstention part of the plan would deter

teens under the age of 16 from holding sex. This is the highest hazard group for

the hazard of gestation and the spread of disease. The 2nd portion of the plan

would learn older teens the relationship skills they will necessitate in the hereafter and

emphasis rubber usage and AIDS instruction. Together the 2 parts of this plan with

bring forth the coveted consequences that other sex instruction plans in the yesteryear have

failed to bring forth.

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