Teenage Violence Essay Research Paper Option BThe

Teenage Violence Essay, Research Paper

Option B

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The events that happened in Littleton, Colorado at Columbine High School in

April were tragic. No 1 will nor should try to support the actions of the two

gunslingers, but it is good to look into the grounds that this did happen as a preventative

step of kinds.

Simply looking back over the past few old ages of teenage force a image become

clear of who the attackers are: white males. There is decidedly a strong relationship

between the force of late and gender. Better stated, the socialisation of white males in

modern-day American society has perfectly lead to the roseola of tragic, violent effusions

in our school systems.

The mechanisms of socialisation utilize childrens toys as a? instruction? tool. There

is a celebrated dislocation amoung the genders on the plaything forepart. Toys geared towards females

are softer and take to a unagitated clime of civility by their mere nature: dolls to play house

with, Barbie? s to dress up, Easy-Bake ovens to cook with, the list is eternal. Toys geared

towards males are rougher and make a clime of more agressive playing by their mere

nature: guns to hit each other with, fictile action figures to pay conflicts with, once more the

list is eternal. ? Comparison store? down any shop? s plaything aisle and the gender spread becomes

all excessively clear. What is to be learned from the great plaything divide? If males are encouraged to

drama in a mode that is aggressive and ulimately violent, is it, so, non expected for them

to turn up to be agressive and violent.

Harmonizing to Esterchild ( Jan 28,1999 ) , the outlooks for maleness include,

but are non limited to, the belief in the imperturbable strength of the male and his absolute

antipathy to all things? feminine? , as in? no pantywaist material? . ? In this universe, the lone thing that

is every bit bad as being a miss, is being a pantywaist, that is, being like a miss? ( Kaufaman 11 )

Males are taught from an early age, in no unsure footings, that there is a immense

differentiation between males and females. Females are weak, they have no power. Males, on

the other manus, are strong, aggressive and powerful. The guidelines for a adult male are clear

and spelled out through a male? s social maps. Men fight. Men fight wars. Men drama

athleticss, which are undoubtably violent. Men keep occupations. Men back up their households.

Movies portray work forces as the stronger sex. Rarely, though there are a few

exclusions, the male is seen as the smarter, stronger, better sex. Work force are action heroes. & lt ;

/p >

Work forces run states. Work force are athleticss heroes. And in the films, adult females are reliant upon

these strong work forces.

All of this is expected of your mean adult male. He is expected to populate up to the

criterions set Forth by our civilization and evident in our history of colonialism, development,

subjugation and imperialism. These outlooks are strongly reinforced by the

aforementioned toies which are introduced to a male at a really, early, stamp age.

To repeat, males are strong and agressive ; females merely are non. Through

virtually all the mediums of a didactic nature that we offer as a society ( telecasting, the

full amusement industry, linguistic communication, authorities establishments, public school text books,

and history to call a few ) the message is clear.

The two gun work forces from Littleton experienced ridicule at the custodies of the jocks at

their school. ? [ They ] fought with [ the ] jocks who ridiculed them. ? ( Dallas Morning

News ) Each? s really manhood was attacked. There were repeated, documented, incidents

of jobs between the Trench Coat Mafia ( of which the gunslingers were a known portion of )

and the jocks at Columbine High School. Harmonizing to the Dallas Morning News, ? a

few months ago, the Trench Coat Mafia and the? athletes? agreed to contend each other on a

baseball field? .

As a adult male, what recourse do you hold to support yourself against ridicule and

badgering. ( The exact nature of the tease is unknown. I was unable to turn up any particular

information refering what words were exchanged. I suspect, though, that many a shot

may hold included assaults on their gender through the words fairy and homosexual. I deduce this

through my experiences in high school and the exchanges I witnessed between the jocks

at my school and those they considered different. ) The lone solution, it would look,

would be force, and males are predispose to Acts of the Apostless of force.

At this clip, I would wish to discourse why some choose force and some do non.

It is a cumlination of outside affects such as parental influence, econimic state of affairs, peer

group, religiousity and personal diposition. Each state of affairs is different. Each individual is

different. The influences that they have and their single morality may take them down

different waies.

These specific culprits had the background and model that made force

seem like the most obvious option. Their gender sealed their destiny. For them, their

coup d’etat of the high school, was a? natural? pick of revenge.